John Lennon’s 38th birthday party, Tavern On The Green, New York

2.00pm, Monday 9 October 1978 (35 years ago)

In celebration of John Lennon‘s 38th birthday, and Sean Lennon’s third, a party was held at the Tavern On The Green in Central Park, New York City.

The lease for the Tavern had been taken over by Warner LeRoy, a neighbour to Lennon, in 1974. The restaurant was given renovations costing $10 million, and reopened in 1976. It became a favourite destination for Lennon, whose son Sean played with LeRoy’s son Max.

John and Sean Lennon also had a joint party at the Tavern On The Green in 1979. The restaurant closed on 31 December 2009, citing bankruptcy caused by the global recession.

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