Mixing, editing: I’ve Got A Feeling, Dig A Pony, One After 909, I Me Mine, Across The Universe

Room 4, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: Phil Spector
Engineer: Peter Bown

After two attempts by Glyn Johns at assembling a Get Back LP were rejected by The Beatles, maverick producer Phil Spector was brought in to work on the tapes. Read more »

George Harrison is interviewed for the BBC’s The Beatles Today

In the earlier part of The Beatles' career the BBC had broadcast a number of Beatles specials on radio and television, but as the group retreated from the public eye they became less frequent. On this day, however, George Harrison contributed to a bank holiday special which was later aired on BBC Radio 1. Read more »

Recording: It Don’t Come Easy by Ringo Starr

Trident Studios, London
Producer: George Harrison

Recording for Ringo Starr's debut UK solo single was a curiously drawn out affair. He had recorded two versions of It Don't Come Easy on 18 and 19 February 1970, but these were discarded and a remake was recorded on 8 March 1970. Read more »

US album release: Hey Jude

The compilation album Hey Jude was issued on this day in the United States, as Apple SW 385. It brought together non-album singles and b-sides, along with Can't Buy Me Love and I Should Have Known Better, which had previously been released on the United Artists soundtrack LP for A Hard Day's Night. Read more »

Recording, mixing: You Always Hurt The One You Love by Ringo Starr

De Lane Lea Sound Centre, London
Producer: George Martin

Although recording for his debut album Sentimental Journey was nearly complete by this date, Ringo Starr began work on a new song on this day, a cover of You Always Hurt The One You Love. Read more »