US album release: Yellow Submarine

The soundtrack LP for The Beatles’ animated film Yellow Submarine was released in the United States on this day, with six songs by the group and seven orchestral pieces by George Martin.

The Beatles meet at Ringo Starr’s house

In an attempt to sort out the problems within The Beatles following George Harrison‘s sudden departure two days earlier, all four met at Brookfield House, Ringo Starr‘s Tudor mansion in Elstead, Surrey.

Get Back/Let It Be sessions: day five

On the fifth day of rehearsals for The Beatles’ Get Back/Let It Be project, the group continued work on the stronger songs performed thus far, and tested out arrangements on a number of others.

Get Back/Let It Be sessions: day four

The fourth day of the Get Back/Let It Be sessions was a somewhat typical blend of original song rehearsals, unstructured jamming and randomly-chosen cover versions.

Get Back/Let It Be sessions: day two

The second day of rehearsals for the Get Back/Let It Be sessions saw them play a number of songs, many of which were rough versions of rock ‘n’ roll oldies, improvisations and numbers from the Lennon-McCartney back catalogue.

Get Back/Let It Be sessions: day one

The darkest period of The Beatles’ recording career was the Get Back enterprise – the group’s attempt to return to their roots, which saw them initially rehearse and record songs for a television special and live performance.