Ringo Starr records a charity appeal for BBC radio

9.00am, Monday 15 December 1969 (44 years ago)

Ringo Starr recorded a contribution for the BBC’s festive charity appeals, in this case to help raise money for the British Wireless For The Blind fund.

Every Christmas the BBC broadcast a number of charity appeals. Starr’s, however, was the least successful of the month, raising just £175.

The two-minute recording was made at the Apple Corps headquarters in Savile Row, London. It was later used in the Christmas Day edition of Radio 1 presenter Kenny Everett’s radio show; the programme lasted from 10am to midday, and Starr’s contribution was heard at 10.15am.

The clip was loosely scripted, and involved Starr telling listeners to send a donation and “not get stuck into your turkey and forget all about it”. He read the fund’s address out twice, with some faltering over the postcode.

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