Jane Asher announces her split from Paul McCartney

In an appearance on the BBC Television show Dee Time, Jane Asher told host Simon Dee that her engagement to Paul McCartney had been called off.

I haven't broken it off, but it is broken off, finished.

I know it sounds corny, but we still see each other and love each other, but it hasn't worked out. Perhaps we'll be childhood sweethearts and meet again and get married when we're about 70.

Jane Asher
Dee Time

Tellingly, Asher had failed to attend the world première of Yellow Submarine three days earlier; all the other Beatles' partners were there.

I always feel very wary including Jane in The Beatles' history. She's never gone into print about our relationship, whilst everyone on earth has sold their story. So I'd feel weird being the one to kiss and tell.

We had a good relationship. Even with touring there were enough occasions to keep a reasonable relationship going. To tell the truth, the women at that time got sidelined. Now it would be seen as very chauvinist of us. Then it was like: 'We are four miners who go down the pit. You don't need women down the pit, do you? We won't have women down the pit.' A lot of what we, The Beatles, did was very much in an enclosed scene. Other people found it difficult - even John's wife, Cynthia, found it very difficult - to penetrate the screen that we had around us. As a kind of safety barrier we had a lot of 'in' jokes, little signs, references to music; we had a common bond in that and it was very difficult for any 'outsider' to penetrate. That possibly wasn't good for relationships back then.

Paul McCartney

McCartney and Asher had been together for five years, since meeting at the Royal Albert Hall in 1963. However, McCartney had a string of other girls, mainly while The Beatles were touring - and in 1968 began an affair with an American woman, Francie Schwartz.

Asher arrived unexpectedly at McCartney's home in Cavendish Avenue, London, where she reportedly found him in bed with Schwartz. She walked out and sent her mother to collect her belongings, signalling an end to the relationship.

I think inevitably when I moved to Cavendish Avenue, I realised that she and I weren't really going to be the thing we'd always thought we might be. Once or twice we talked about getting married, and plans were afoot but I don't know, something really made me nervous about the whole thing. It just never settled with me, and as that's very important for me, things must feel comfortable for me, I think it's a pretty good gauge if you're lucky enough. You're not always lucky enough, but if they can feel comfortable then there's something very special about that feeling. I hadn't quite managed to be able to get it with Jane.
Paul McCartney
Many Years From Now, Barry Miles
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25 responses on “Jane Asher announces her split from Paul McCartney

  1. Angie

    That is so sad. I wonder if they ever had closer, or if they always felt like they had not, even when Paul met and married Linda, and Jane married some one too. Did they ever see each other from time to time ?

    1. Simo

      Wonder of that too. I know Jane doesn’t want to ever talk ’bout her relationship with Paul and it’s very sad and i can understand her very well.She certainly doesn’t want to remember how she felt left apart from Paul (what a genious of you, paul T_T really a genious!). Though, i’d be very very happy to know if they ever talked and met each other after all…

      1. Alex

        They did, and good for Paul. It WAS genius for him to enjoy himself, he’s a Beatle. Good for him to not get stuck with Jane. Linda was way cooler and more mature in every way. I read that Paul “lost himself to drink and drugs” after this break up, which is utter nonsense. He had passed his most severe drug use already. He continued to fling around with tons of worshipping ladies and then called up Linda and had the greatest relationship of his life.

        1. Fool on the Hill

          From what I’ve read about the “breakup” of Paul and Jane, when Jane found Francie Schwartz and Paul in their (Paul and Jane’s) bed, it was the last straw. Yes, he had been unfaithful previously. Francie Schwartz was more than a one nighter, she even is noted as a background singer (I think Yellow Submarine, All Together Now, etc). She was present with Yoko during the “Mad Day Out” photo shoot. Francie says Jane knocked on the bedroom door before she entered to find them in bed together. This statement tells me Jane was well aware of his fooling around.

          1. JC

            Yes. What many fans tend not to know is that Jane and Paul were mainly a media couple… I hung around with the Beatles quite a bit, and I didn’t see Jane at all. They were often in different cities, and didn’t even see each other until they were going out together. Jane also saw other people; it really wasn’t like they were dating those times apart. They were very love stuck in the beginning, faded away, then became close again a few months before the India trip. It wasn’t meant to be… they didn’t have the complete love bond Paul & Linda always did.

              1. R123

                Hey, i dont think he wasnt a nice guy. Sure, when he was in his 20s and a world famous rock star, he slept around. But he and Jane were obviously less than steady (they were more of a media couple than anything), and she had other guys as well, even dumping Paul completely for a few months for a boy she met in Bristol while she and Paul were still “officially” together. But, when Paul found the right woman, he settled down and never once cheated on her. He wasn’t abusive and stood by her until the very end, when Linda sadly died of cancer. I honestly think that makes up for his shenanigans as a youngster -in the sixties, mind you-. And it is much more than you can say of other rockers of the era.

        2. paula

          Linda and Paul were both by their own admission – potheads. I assume that would make someone cool and mature? How I don’t know, but that seems to be their one major agreement in life. Linda essentially laid her life down for Paul, so in a world where women should have some rights I have no idea how that is cool or mature either. Whatever he did or didn’t do, he wrote the most catastrophically significant love song of the rock era for Jane Asher.

          1. tessa

            And what song is that, Paula? I can’t think of any song Paul wrote for Jane that is even close to “Maybe I’m Amazed”, which was written for Linda.

              1. taloola

                Really? Thats a song about a guy feeling bad when his girlfriend is in the process of leaving him. Their relationship is over, and he’s reflecting on what could’ve been. It’s more of a melancholy song. I would never consider that a love song.

    1. Alex

      He didn’t cheat because he didn’t it didn’t feel right, he cheated all the time on Jane. He had sex with tons of girls then. Besides, Paul even hints here that he never could be totally comfortable with her and has also said elsewhere that Linda was the “first woman” he had fallen for, and that the others had been “girls” and “shrinking violets” so I think it was for the best.

      1. Stacy Q.

        yes! I completely agree; it always seemed to me that they were a TV couple; there are no pictures or anything of them being loving or anything; just standing there, semi-awkwardly, and smiling. Paul certainly wasn’t in love -I doubt Jane was-, but if she was, and believed she and Paul were meant for each other, she was being a foolish girl.

    1. Arielle

      I don’t think so. Cause Jane will surely notice that Paul changed if he really was replaced. But then, they decided to get married at 1967; meaning, it’s still the real Paul Mccartney and Paul Mccartney

  2. tommy d

    I would like to see some legitimate sources talk about the Jane walking in on Paul and Francie thing. Because Jane has never confirmed that… Paul has never confirmed that… and Francie says its untrue. I believe that story is something i like to call “bullshit”.

    1. Cristina

      I so agree. Just what is the source for that claim?. This is a great website, but why is it being presented as a fact while provifing no sources?.

  3. tfitz

    McCartney doesn’t come across as very nice. yes, I know he was a beetle but he didn’t have to screw around so much. That’s juvenile behavior. Rock stars use that as an excuse all the time like it’s no big deal.it is the big deal if you’re in any kind of relationship.I think Linda was more controlling and was able to snag him — she came from money and wasn’t intimidated.

  4. Kath C

    Linda Eastman (McCartney), if you do your homework, slept with every major name in the rock industry in hopes of bagging a big name. She was a real gold digger with an agenda in those days and it landed her one of the biggest names in the business. The kudos to her is that she turned herself around and really ended up doing what it takes to create a genuine love match that stood the test of time. Once she cleaned up her act and dedicated herself to the man she married and had the family, she earned the respect that deserved. But the proof is out there that she definitely didn’t start out that way.

    1. Cristina

      Uhmmm, so what is the proof that she was a gold digger who was trying to land a “big name”?. Her sleeping around with rock stars?. That’s no proof of your claim whatsoever.

      Has it ever occurred to you that she slpet with them because she liked them and was having some fun?.

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