Paul McCartney addresses Capitol Records conference

On this day Paul McCartney addressed a sales conference attended by executives from Capitol Records, where he announced that all future Beatles records would be released through the group's Apple Records label.

The conference took place at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel. McCartney gave a brief address before playing a promotional film which had been made on 11 June.

Paul delivered a short speech to announce that EMI/Capitol would distribute Apple Records and, from now on, The Beatles were on the Apple label. That was a cue for me to show the film. Paul spent time doing the old meet-and-greet and being photographed with top Capitol executives, Alan Livingston, Stanley Gortikov and Ken Fritz. It was a PR masterpiece.
Tony Bramwell
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Following the event, McCartney and his companions - Apple's Ron Kass and Tony Bramwell, plus childhood friend Ivan Vaughan - returned to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they were staying for the duration of their US trip.

Relieved at how well it had gone we were ready to return to the hotel and leap into the swimming pool again. When we went into the bungalow to change, followed by the trail of girls, we were rather surprised to find Linda [Eastman] sitting there radiantly, totally spaced out, waiting for Paul. She had a joint in one hand and a beatific smile on her face. Paul immediately detached himself from the circus surrounding him and took Linda aside. As I looked across the room, I suddenly saw something happen. Right before my eyes, they fell in love. It was like the thunderbolt that Sicilians speak of, the coup-de-foudre that the French speak of in hushed tones, that once-in-a-lifetime feeling. Paul was struck almost dumb as he and Linda gazed at each other.
Tony Bramwell
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In the evening the party - now including Linda Eastman - went to LA's Whiskey-A-Go-Go, where they watched BB King and the Chicago Transit Authority (later Chicago) perform.

The club was hot, dark and crowded. Paul and Linda sat in a corner both while we acted as a kind of hedge. By a strange coincidence, both Eric Burdon and Georgie Fame were in the booth next to us, a fact not missed by Linda or Paul in their state of heightened awareness. Eric and Georgie had been at the Bag O'Nails on the night they had met some thirteen months ago. Now here they were on the night they had fallen in love. It was a sign.
Tony Bramwell
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  1. Alex

    You definitely see a lot of people who write books because they knew famous people claim to have been present for some defining moment. Something that in reality took a lot of time, happening instantly, magically in front of some future book selling acquaintance. Tony Bramwell claiming Paul and Linda fell in love instantly in front of him, Francie Schwartz claiming she was there for the exact moment John and Paul split apart as friends, and countless other bullshit exaggerated claims about other celebs by has-been now-authors. It’s not true, Paul realized Linda was the one over time, specifically citing a long car trip they took together, which occurred after this. It’s nice to hear about one of their early meetings, but as far as what was happening in their minds, don’t believe magical claims from separate people, who really have no idea, and are trying to get book sales.

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