Paul McCartney admits taking LSD

9.00pm, Monday 19 June 1967 (46 years ago)

On 17 June 1967, Life Magazine ran an interview with Paul McCartney in which the Beatle admitted to having taken LSD. The UK press immediately seized upon it, and two days later McCartney gave a statement to Independent Television News (ITN).

The item was broadcast on the ITN evening news, which began at 9pm on 19 June.

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4 Responses to “Paul McCartney admits taking LSD”

  1. brian

    It’s all well and good that Paul was honest in his answer to a news magazine reporter about whether he’d taken LSD. One of the things I always liked about The Beatles is that they were always up front about that they smoked cigarettes and drank liquor whereas other pop acts or idols would always say dumb things like “now kids, remember to drink your milk and eat all your veggies”. But in this instance I think Paul should have just politely said,”none of your business”.

    • mr. Sun king coming together

      Come on. We all criticise the stars for not answering our questions, and yet Paul gets slammed for answering a question. That’s crap. This should be applauded, not attacked by the likes of you and others. Give the man a break. He should have consulted the others, but I applaud him, and certainly don’t second guess his decision. Sheesh.

  2. Mark

    The truth would eventually have emerged anyway. Better to spin it his way in advance than have it revealed by the press.

    • Joseph Brush

      Yes Paul at that time in 1967 didn’t want to have the flak, headaches and litiigation that Donovan and the Rolling Stones had with being slammed by the press and subsequent drug busts.


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