US album release: Rubber Soul

9.00am, Monday 6 December 1965 (48 years ago)

Three days after its UK release, Capitol Records issued The Beatles’ Rubber Soul album in the US.

Rubber Soul - The Beatles

It was considerably different from how The Beatles had intended it to sound, however, as Capitol reconfigured its tracklisting to create a ‘folk rock’ album to please the US market. They added I’ve Just Seen A Face and It’s Only Love from Help!, and omitted Drive My Car, Nowhere Man, What Goes On and If I Needed Someone.

Additionally, the stereo mix sent from England to the US had a false start at the beginning of I’m Looking Through You; this version can be heard on the box set The Capitol Albums Vol. 2, which also contains minor variations in The Word.

Rubber Soul was a huge hit with the American public, spending 59 weeks in the charts from 25 December 1965. It topped the chart on 8 January 1966, and sold 1.2 million copies in its first nine days on sale.

3 Responses to “US album release: Rubber Soul”

  1. Abby Dillman Lapsley

    George Martin said this is their best album & his favorite one. Can’t argue with Sir George…

  2. Bill

    6pm… Sitting here playing my original US mono pressing of Rubber Soul. Just for shiggles, I’m also playing the extra tracks from my ’66 mono pressing of Yesterday And Today. Gotta love that vinyl. Maybe later I’ll put on my mono copy of Beatles VI… Blast out “What You’re Doing” & piss off the neighbors…


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