UK album release: Rubber Soul

9.00am, Friday 3 December 1965 (48 years ago)

The Beatles’ sixth UK album Rubber Soul was released on this day as Parlophone PMC 1267 (mono) and PCS 3075 (stereo).

Rubber Soul - The Beatles

Rubber Soul had advance orders of more than 500,000. It entered the album charts on 11 December 1965, and spent nine weeks at the top from 25 December. In all it remained in the charts for 42 consecutive weeks.

The first Beatles album to contain songs composed by each group member, and with no cover versions, it was also the final time – barring the Yellow Submarine soundtrack in 1969 – that The Beatles would release two albums of original material in one year. It was also their first not to feature The Beatles’ name on the front cover.

4 Responses to “UK album release: Rubber Soul”

  1. Bill Brown

    The Rubber Soul album I bought in 1965 did not have “Drive My Car” as first track. If I remember correctly(And I may not, lots of brain cells have died since then) that track was on the Revovler album. The first track on my Rubber Sould was “I’ve Just Seen A Face”. I do remember that, because that was song I sang to audition for a local garage band and had to buy the album to memorize lyrics. Why can’t I find Rubber Soul album with that track anymore?

  2. Collin

    Yeah, I got a Rubber Soul with I’ve Just Seen a Face as the first trackas well. Original Capitol 65 album. explain.


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