US album release: Help!

9.00am, Friday 13 August 1965 (48 years ago)

The Beatles’ eighth US album released by Capitol Records, Help!, was issued on this day as MAS-2386 (mono) and SMAS-2386 (stereo).

Help! album artwork - USAUnlike the UK version, which featured songs from the Help! film on the first side, and seven further tracks on the other, Capitol included a number of selections from Ken Thorne’s orchestral score, performed by the George Martin Orchestra.

This version – which also includes the ‘James Bond’ introduction to the title track, is available on the box set The Capitol Albums Vol. 2.

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  1. Brian Bursch

    I see you mention the help album, smas-2386(stereo) Capital, How about the issue smas-8-2386, when was the release date on this one?


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