US album release: The Beatles’ Second Album

9.00am, Friday 10 April 1964 (50 years ago)

The follow-up to Meet The Beatles! was issued on this day by the group’s US label Capitol.

The Beatles' Second Album artwork - USAThe Beatles’ Second Album was actually their third long player in the United States, if the Introducing The Beatles, released by Vee-Jay in January 1964, is included.

The album contained songs from four different UK releases: With The Beatles, Thank You Girl from the From Me To You single, both sides of She Loves You/I’ll Get You, and You Can’t Do That from the Can’t Buy Me Love single. Two new songs, Long Tall Sally and I Call Your Name, were also included.

The Beatles’ Second Album topped the US album charts, replacing Meet The Beatles!; this was the first time an artist replaced itself at the number one spot in America.

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