US single release: My Bonnie/The Saints

9.00am, Monday 27 January 1964 (50 years ago)

Credited to The Beatles with Tony Sheridan, the single My Bonnie/The Saints was re-released in America on this day, to capitalise on The Beatles’ growing fame.

The single, which had the catalogue number MGM K-13213, reached number 26 on the Billboard charts.

It had previously been issued by Decca with the catalogue number 31382, on 23 April 1962.

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  1. Zoella Kamp McBride

    I have the 45 rpm record My Bonnie and The Saints, by the Beatles with Tony Sheridan. MGM # K13213. It is a wonderful record and I love it. Have had it for many years, I’m sure there are not too many around. I keep it locked up.


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