Live: Wimbledon Palais, London

The Beatles had given a special concert for members of their Northern Area Fan Club in Liverpool on 7 December 1963. One week later they did the same for the Southern Area, with a performance at the Wimbledon Palais in London.

The Beatles onstage at Wimbledon Palais, London, 14 December 1963

The concert took place in the afternoon. The Palais management, fearing damage to the stage from the fans, built a platform for the group to stand on, and a steel cage to keep the crowds back. The decision was a partial success: as John Lennon noted, in reference to the crush against the cage, "If they press any harder they'll come through as chips."

The Beatles signing autographs at Wimbledon Palais, London, 14 December 1963

Afterwards, The Beatles stood behind the venue's bar and shook hands with all 3,000 fans present, most of whom managed to contain their excitement. A few girls fainted, and The Beatles eventually had to stop giving out autographs when the line grew too long.

This was The Beatles' only performance at the Wimbledon Palais, which stood on Merton High Street, London. The venue closed in 1967 and was later demolished.

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  1. Geoff Quarterman

    I was in the supporting band The Hustlers and we had to play for an hour to a restless and disinterested audience waiting for the Beatles. The only roar of approval we got was when our singer announced “and now for our final number…”

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