November 1963

Television: Move Over, Dad

Prior to their evening concert at the ABC Cinema in Plymouth, The Beatles were interviewed for the ITV show Move Over, Dad, made by the Westward Television company.

Television: Day By Day, South Today

The Beatles’ concert at the Guildhall, Portsmouth was postponed after Paul McCartney fell victim to gastric flu, and was rescheduled for 3 December 1963.

Live: Hippodrome, Birmingham

The ninth date of The Beatles’ 1963 Autumn Tour of the UK and Ireland took place at the Hippodrome Theatre in Birmingham.

Live: Ritz Cinema, Belfast

The seventh stop on The Beatles’ 1963 Autumn Tour took them from Dublin in the Republic of Ireland to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Live: Adelphi Cinema, Dublin, Ireland

The Beatles appeared in concert in the Republic of Ireland on just one occasion, with two performances at the Adelphi Cinema in Dublin. Each was seen by a capacity crowd of 2,304 people.

Live: ABC Cinema, Northampton

The fifth stop on The Beatles’ Autumn Tour of England and Ireland in 1963 took them to the ABC Theatre in Northampton.

Live: Adelphi Cinema, Slough

The day after their triumphant appearance on the Royal Command Show, The Beatles’ Autumn Tour resumed with two shows at Slough’s Adelphi Cinema.

Live: Royal Command Performance

This was the night of The Beatles’ famous appearance at the Royal Command Performance at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London, in the presence of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

Live: Odeon Cinema, Leeds

The Beatles’ Autumn Tour continued with a stop in Leeds. They played two houses at the Odeon Cinema, a venue they had previously played at on 5 June 1963.

Live: City Hall, Sheffield

The second date of The Beatles’ 1963 Autumn Tour took place at Sheffield’s City Hall. It was the group’s fourth and final appearance at the venue.

Live: Odeon Cinema, Cheltenham

The Beatles’ fourth British tour of 1963 opened on this evening with a performance at the Odeon Cinema in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.