October 1963

Travel: Stockholm to London

The Beatles’ 1963 tour of Sweden was a triumph, with crowds of fans following their every move, Beatlemania in full swing, crowds of fans following their every move, and the group playing with excitement and enthusiasm.

Television: Drop In, Stockholm, Sweden

Despite having completed their concert tour of Sweden the night before, The Beatles returned to Stockholm to record an appearance on the Sveriges Television music show Drop In.

Mixing: Money (That’s What I Want)

Studio Three (control room), EMI Studios, Abbey Road Producer: George Martin Engineer: Norman Smith The final day of studio work for With The Beatles involved the creation of a stereo mix of Money (That’s What I Want).

Live: Sporthallen, Eskilstuna, Sweden

Although The Beatles recorded a television appearance the following day in Stockholm, this was the last concert performance of their 1963 tour of Sweden.

Mixing: With The Beatles album

Studio Three (control room), EMI Studios, Abbey Road Producer: George Martin Engineer: Norman Smith In 1963 stereo was secondary in importance to mono, which is why George Martin was able to hurriedly mix every track from With The Beatles for stereo in a three-hour session.

Live: Borås Hallen, Borås, Sweden

Following their three concerts in Gothenburg, The Beatles travelled 60 km to Borås, where they played a single show in the Borås Hallen at Bockasjogatan.

Live: Cirkus, Gothenburg, Sweden

The Beatles performed three shows in Gothenburg on this day, at 3pm, 5pm and 8pm. They took place at the Cirkus venue in the Lorensbergsparken district.

Radio: Karlaplansstudion, Stockholm, Sweden

Although their short tour of Sweden didn’t start until the following day, The Beatles recorded a radio appearance for producer Klas Burling’s Sveriges Radio (Swedish National Radio) show Pop ’63.

Travel: London to Stockholm, Sweden

Following the final recording session for the With The Beatles LP, the group flew from London Airport to Arlanda International Airport, about 40 kilometres north of Stockholm, for their first tour in Scandinavia.

Mixing: I Want To Hold Your Hand, This Boy

Studio Two (control room), EMI Studios, Abbey Road Producer: George Martin Engineer: Norman Smith Between 10am and 1pm mono mixes for The Beatles’ fifth UK single were made, along with stereo mixes for potential future use.

Television: Thank Your Lucky Stars

The Beatles topped the bill on their fifth appearance on ABC Television’s Thank Your Lucky Stars, recorded at the Alpha Television Studios in Birmingham, England.

Television: Scene At 6.30

This was The Beatles’ third appearance on this Granada Television show. They mimed to She Loves You at Manchster’s Granada Television Centre.

Radio: Easy Beat

The Beatles recorded their fourth and final session on the BBC radio show Easy Beat on this day.

Beatlemania begins: Sunday Night At The London Palladium

Although The Beatles’ popularity had been growing steadily and to increasingly frantic heights throughout 1963, their appearance at the London Palladium on Sunday 13 October catapulted into the attentions of the mainstream media, who coined the term ‘Beatlemania’ to describe the scenes of screaming fans.