Live: Carlton Theatre, Kirkcaldy

8.00pm, Sunday 6 October 1963 (50 years ago)

This was the second of a three-date Scottish mini tour promoted by Albert Bonici. The Beatles performed two shows on this night, each of which was seen by 1,500 people. The other acts on the bill were Houston Wells and The Fortunes.

The concerts were originally to have taken place at the Raith Ballroom in Kirkcaldy. Due to a decision by Brian Epstein that The Beatles would only perform in theatres, the booking was moved to the larger Carlton Theatre.

This was The Beatles’ only visit to Kirkcaldy. The Carlton, which stood on Park Road, opened in 1937, and was later used as a bingo hall. It was demolished after a fire in 1972.

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  1. Colin Carr

    I have just found this site looking up the Beatles at Kirkcaldy. I was 10 at the time, and listened to the concert through the fire exit door. I know that the town will always be remembered from the lyrics of ‘Cry Baby Cry’ with the line ‘The duchess of Kirkcaldy’. one of the few towns mentioned in Beatles’ lyrics.

    • Peans

      I. Was eight when they were here my aunt visited that night she couldn’t stop laughing telling. Us about trying to get through the crowd. She was small!

  2. Donald Kirkbride

    the carlton was always a cinema but had a deep stage and dressing rooms for putting on live shows i know someone who was at that concert and he tried to get some of the ticket stubs but the girl in the ticket booth wouldnt give him any imagine what they would be worth now! i was only 5 when they appeared there

  3. Donald Kirkbride

    the carlton was opened as a cinema/theatre owned by wf and fw carlow it had a huge stage and three dressing rooms


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