Live: Concert Hall, Glasgow

8.00pm, Saturday 5 October 1963 (50 years ago)

The Beatles began a three-night mini tour of Scotland on this day, with a performance at the Concert Hall in Glasgow. Also on the bill were Mike Berry, and Freddy Starr and the Midnighters.

This was the group’s only concert at the venue, although they did perform elsewhere in Glasgow on four other occasions. Afterwards they stayed at the city’s Central Station Hotel.

The Concert Hall, at 625 Argyle Street, Glasgow, opened in 1899 as the Tivoli Variety Theatre. It was also known as the Gaiety Theatre, but closed and demolished in 1968.

The three Scottish dates were promoted by Albert Bonici, who had an exclusive agreement with Brian Epstein for concerts in the country.

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  1. Andi Lothian

    Hello …
    My name is Andi Lothian. I wonder if you would be interested in augmenting the information that you hold regarding the three Scottish dates – Glasgow, Kirkaldy, and Dundee – 5th, 6th and 7th October 1963. I was co-promoter with Albert on all three occasions and it was myself who negociated the October tour in Brian’s office the day after the earlier January trip finished – Albert and I were business partners on a number of major promotions in the early 60′s, the most successful being these three Beatles concerts. I MC’d all three events. Albert and I paid the band £40 a night for the short Scottish tour in January, (which is currently the subject of much BBC interest) and £500 a night for each of the three October events. I have some interesting factual anecdotes which I would be delighted to share …

  2. Derek Burgess

    I was there and recall the occasion. Im sure they began with Roll Over Beethoven which was still to be released, otherwise they did much from Please Please Me LP and the 2 singles since its release. I recall Tommy Dene opened and the Caravelles were also on the bill. Was Kathy Kirby there and who else?

  3. Alex Taylor

    I lived about 200 yards from the venue, the Gaeity cinema as it was known locally it only became the Glasgow Concert Hall as a temporary venue after the St. Andrews Halls (a much larger venue burned down). My mother stood for hours at Cuthbertsons music shop in Sauchiehall St. to get tickets for me and my pal. If I remember correctly they cost six shillings and eight pence, thirty three pence in decimal coinage. My pal Peter Lannigan and I were in 2nd year of secondary school were 13 and Beatles mad. I don’t remember hearing any of the songs cos we were surrounded by screaming girls.
    Fifty years later the memories are clear, we were the envy of our schoolmates at the height of Beatlemania.

    • mia carr

      Alex Taylor did U ever go in2 the Gaiety fish n’chip shop next door . Trying 2 find photos was my dad’s shop.


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