Live: Odeon Cinema, Weston-super-Mare

8.00pm, Monday 22 July 1963 (50 years ago)

This was the first of six consecutive nights of concerts given by The Beatles at the Odeon Cinema in Weston-super-Mare, a seaside town in Somerset, England.

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  1. Alethea Willmer

    I remember JULY 1963 in Weston super mare! I was working on a holiday job in Fortes cafe before going to train in Bristol as a nurse, and the Beatles turned up for refreshment in the afternoon.
    I did not know who they were but the other girls were frantic that they should choose my table to sit at! Taking the order, George Harrison asked when I finished work and would wait for me on the sea wall! Sure enough, he was there waiting but I left by the back door! What would my life have been if I had met up with him? Not stuck in France, maybe! I wonder if he remembered being ‘stood-up’!
    I would be interested to know. A


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