Live: City Hall, Salisbury

8.00pm, Saturday 15 June 1963 (50 years ago)

The Beatles’ only concert in Salisbury, Wiltshire, was booked in April 1963 by Brian Epstein.

It was promoted by Jaybee Clubs, for whom The Beatles had performed in Stroud on 31 March 1962. Epstein had agreed a fee of £300 for this show at Salisbury’s City Hall, but afterwards attempted to cancel the booking to enable The Beatles to appear on television instead.

Epstein offered Jaybee’s Bill Reid £200 to cancel the booking, but Reid turned it down. The Beatles arrived by helicopter, having made the television appearance earlier in the evening, and a total of 1,693 people watched them perform at City Hall.

5 Responses to “Live: City Hall, Salisbury”

  1. john rattue

    I was there but I am sure it was not the 15th june because it was the week before I got married on the 7th September 1963.
    John Lennon appeared on Juke box jury and
    was then flown to Salisbury by helicopter

    • Joe

      Lennon’s solo appearance on Juke Box Jury took place on 22 June 1963. This was their only Salisbury show, but I think you might have got the dates mixed up – this is definitely correct.

  2. John

    It seems I must be wrong,after 48 years my family history has to be changed It was a great show that I do know.

  3. adrienne lilley

    I was there with a crowd from Poole/Bourneouth. We were driven up by Stan Clayton in a V8 Pilot if my memory is right What a great night it was.


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