Live: Gaumont Cinema, Worcester

The Beatles' first of two concerts in Worcester, England, took place during their UK tour with Roy Orbison.

Throughout the tour they performed the same set of seven songs: Some Other Guy, Do You Want To Know A Secret, Love Me Do, From Me To You, Please Please Me, I Saw Her Standing There and Twist And Shout.

The Beatles returned to Worcester's Gaumont Cinema on 4 September 1963.

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2 responses on “Live: Gaumont Cinema, Worcester

  1. Mr Philip George Dutfield

    I Saw The Beatles in Worcester in 1963 at the Gaumont Cinema,The month i forget. I was 13.
    i went on my own, so lucky to get a Ticket.
    To see them cost me 10 Bob, (Ten Shilling), 2 weeks pocket money.
    I was right at the back, any further back i would been in Foregate Street.
    What a Great Night, I only Saw ALL of them on stage about once when they done a quiet number because of the Screaming Girls who were standing up and i was only little at the time.
    The Beatles stayed in the Gifford Hotel near the Cathedral, the best hotel at the time in Worcester, I have stayed there since but its not the same anymore.
    I will never forget it as long as i live, Unforgetable.

  2. alan tenney

    i was 15 and my first job was at this cinema i met all the stars at that time,little richard asked me to get him a stake sandwich wich i bought from the then hotpole he gave me five pounds and told me to keep the change,paul mc cartney later gave me his autograph as did the stones gerry and the pacemakers

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