Live: Imperial Ballroom, Nelson

8.00pm, Saturday 11 May 1963 (50 years ago)

The Beatles returned to Liverpool from their respective holidays on 9 May 1963, and two days later performed their first concert since 27 April.

They performed at the Imperial Ballroom on Carr Road in Nelson, a town in east Lancashire. Around 2,000 teenagers saw The Beatles play, with the more enthusiastic fans held back by bouncers at the foot of the stage.

The Beatles appeared at The Imp, as the venue was known, on one other occasion, on 31 July 1963. Other acts to perform at the ballroom, which burnt down in 1976, included Otis Redding, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Tom Jones.

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      • David Wood

        The Imp’s position was between Norfolk Street and the canal bridge (on Carr Road). It was where the courtyarded building is now.

        • Joe

          Thanks David. I’ve moved the map point but I’m still not sure I’ve got it quite right. I’m relying on Google Street View and can’t see a courtyarded building, though some were under construction when the Google car visited. Can you tell me if I need to move the point north/south/east/west? Am I on the correct side of the canal?

          The only one I could see that might be courtyarded is the medical centre. Is that the one?

          • David Wood

            You’re nearly there. Just move it across Carr Road – over the 4 sided building (sheltered accommodation) with the garden in the centre.
            It’s called “Imperial Gardens”.


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