Live: Pigalle Club, London

The Beatles performed at this London night club and restaurant on just this one occasion, following their first appearance at the New Musical Express Poll-Winners' All-Star Concert in Wembley.

Although the Pigalle later became a fashionable destination for London clubbers, on this occasion the audience almost entirely consisted of Jewish people, as the concert had only been advertised - for reasons unknown - in the weekly Jewish Chronicle newspaper.

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7 responses on “Live: Pigalle Club, London

  1. Steph

    21/04/63 Pigalle Club, Picadilly

    The reason the gig was only advertised in the Jewish Chronicle was because it was a charity “do” with all proceeds going to a (Jewish, I think) charity.
    Check Jewish Chronicle archives for 19/04/63 for more information.

  2. sue

    I was there and I lived in South London. So was my future husband, who was from Ilford, although we didn’t meet until 1967. I stood outside the Pigalle and shook hands with them all as they left. Stupidly I didn’t get their autographs. A great night!!

  3. Martin Lester

    I was there with my girlfriend nobody really took much notice of them we just danced the night
    away.Could have got thier autographs but who new!
    I know Barry Milner i was at his Hair Salon a little while back he is my wifes cousin in law.

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