Radio: Pop Inn

12.30pm, Tuesday 9 April 1963 (51 years ago)

The Beatles were in the BBC Paris Studio in London between 12.30 and 1.45pm for an interview on the BBC Light Programme radio show Pop Inn.

The Beatles didn’t perform on the show, although their forthcoming single From Me To You was played. Pop Inn was broadcast live from 1pm, and the other guests were DJ David Jacobs, comedian Arthur Askey and pianist Winifred Atwell.

9 April 1963 was a busy day for The Beatles. Following this appearance they appeared on TV show Tuesday Rendezvous, and gave an evening concert in Kilburn, London.

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  1. phil brannon

    the beatles did perform on “pop inn” they sang along to the record miming their instruments. i know i was there at the paris studios


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