Live: St James Swimming Baths, Doncaster

The was The Beatles’ only live show at this Victorian era venue, normally used as a Turkish baths and swimming pool, although they performed in Doncaster, Yorkshire, on four other occasions.

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2 responses on “Live: St James Swimming Baths, Doncaster

  1. John Keith

    I was there! I’d not heard of them until I turned up at this local hop to be told entry was 5/- (not the normal 2/6) because “It is the Beatles”.
    Fortunately I had 5/- on me.
    They were completely off the wall in terms of dress and haircuts. I remember they were musically very tight as a band (result of Hamburg I guess) and most of their material was from the US rythm and blues guys.
    Within weeks they became national stars and chart toppers and the rest is history. BUT I WAS THERE.

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