Live: Town Hall, Newton-le-Willows

This was The Beatles' only live appearance in Newton-le-Willows, a small market town in Merseyside.

They played at the Town Hall on Market Street in the Earlestown area to the west of the town. The show was promoted by the T&T Vicars Sports and Social Club (Football Section), and was billed as "The Big Beat Show No 2".

The Beatles weren't the biggest draw in the town that night, however. Frankie Vaughan was opening the Boys Club in Grafton Street to a sell-out crowd, with many disappointed fans outside unable to get in.

The Beatles performing at Town Hall, Newton-le-Willows, 30 November 1962

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  1. George

    No one performs at the town hall now,it’s been closed a long while and is slowly but surely getting into a state of dis repair and eventually will like the rest of the heritage of Earlestown be demolished.The people who should be bothered have their heads buried in the sand.

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