Live: Smethwick Baths Ballroom, Smethwick

8.00pm, Monday 19 November 1962 (51 years ago)

The Beatles played two shows in Staffordshire on this evening. The first was at the Smethwick Baths Ballroom on Thimblemill Road in Bearwood, Smethwick.

The group’s second show of the night was at the Adelphi Ballroom in West Bromwich. This was the only time they performed at each venue.

Smethwick Baths were known locally as Thimblemill Baths. The venue is today called Smethwick Swimming Centre.

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  1. DrBeatle

    I just found out yesterday from a close friend of mine that his late father was in one of the opening bands for The Beatles at the Smethwick concert!


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