Autograph signing: Dawson’s Music Shop, Widnes

4.00pm, Saturday 6 October 1962 (51 years ago)

The Beatles took part in only three official autograph signing sessions. This was the first, and took place at Dawson’s Music Shop on Church Street in Widnes, Cheshire.

It came the day after the group’s first single, Love Me Do, was released. The signing began at 4pm and lasted for half an hour.

Each Beatle signed their name on the single’s red and silver label. Copies today are extremely valuable, due in part to the short duration of the signing.

The Beatles’ second autograph signing session occurred on 24 January 1963 at NEMS, Brian Epstein‘s record store in Liverpool, to coincide with the release of the Please Please Me single. A third session took place at the Wimbledon Palais, London on 14 December 1963, following their show for the Southern Area Fan Club members.

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