October 1959

Live: Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Having passed the preliminary audition for Carroll Levis’ TV Star Search earlier in the month, Johnny and the Moondogs took part in the regional finals held at the Empire Theatre, Liverpool.

Live: TV Star Search audition

Although the Quarrymen had entered the competition two years previously without success, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison returned to Liverpool’s Empire Theatre for another preliminary audition for the ABC TV’s talent show TV Star Search.

Live: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool

The Quarrymen’s Saturday night residency at Mona Best’s Casbah Coffee Club came to an end on this evening. In time-honoured musical tradition, it was because of an argument about money.

Live: Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool

This was the Quarrymen’s penultimate Saturday night show at the popular Casbah Coffee Club, a members-only club situated in the basement of a large house in Liverpool’s Hayman’s Green.